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Willie Leaps!

She was a funny-looking little dog: a red heeler, more or less. But she was too stubby and a little porky. Her name was Willie, short for Willow.

But she had talent. I watched her human partner throwing a small diameter frisbee to her. She was better at retrieving than he was at throwing. Twice she ripped the frisbee out of the sky. The second time was spectacular! If only I had my camera along, with it set on multiple exposures.

From .  I especially like the photo on the right.

My own dog has no airborne tendencies at all. She won't even chase a tennis ball on the ground. Her only real talent is turning on the charm to newcomers and immediately conquering them. Actually I prefer her personality to these super athletes of the air -- they are usually obsessive. They can get tiresome quickly. Still, it is fun to watch them in "small doses."


XXXXX said…

It might be fun to look at but it isn't good for the dog. That sort of bend to the spinal column over and over again at high speed causes back injuries. I had to put a dog down once whose previous owners thought this was just a hoot and a hollar and my dog, after they had their fun with him and gave him away, ended up losing all sensation in his back quarters.
People are assholes.
George I wonder how much frisbee-snatching your dog did in its youth? But it's a good precaution to keep in mind. The dog I was watching "skied" only twice in an hour.