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What Would You Do As a Political Strategist?

You think it is easy to be a political strategist? Imagine the self-control required right now of Democratic leaders in Congress.

What are they thinking? It is probably that they should give Trump enough rope to hang himself with. That is, he should get his and Netanyahu's way in starting a war with Iran, and make himself a one-term president. Of course the Democrats need to sound unsupportive of the War, while appearing to "Support the Troops." That's not easy.

The rope that Trump hangs himself with is likely to prove successful -- at least more successful than the phony Russiagate scandal the Democrats (and their Media) tried to pull off.

Then again, what if Trump is brighter than he sounds, and he limits the Iranian War to a few localized airstrikes? His real risk comes from sending ground troops. The American people won't get too upset about a video game in the skies over Iran. Heck, it will just be a form of Reality TV.

Unless the price of oil really spikes up. Does Iran have the missiles to disrupt the oil being shipped from Iraq, Kuwait, and the Gulf States? How many oil tankers need to go down before higher oil prices bring on a global recession?

Do you think that Saudi Arabia thinks they have something to gain by actually fighting Iran? If Netanyahu/Trump could get the Saudis to do most of the fighting, with Washington bankrolling the Saudis, perhaps an Iranian War might not kill Trump's reelection hopes.

Does Iran have allies who would actually help? I don't think China would. Turkey would probably look for a way to benefit from the war; and that will probably consist of shaking the USA down for goodies, loans, and weapons in return for not helping Iran. Putin gave real assistance to Syria, but would he do the same for Iran? He would have to sell them S-400 missile technology.

But enough of these equivocal 'what ifs.' Right now I predict a Democratic landslide in 2020. Netanyahu/Trump will only win in the Bible belt.


Anonymous said…
Spot on. Perhaps you should apply to replace Kellyanne "Couchgate" Conway in the Agent Orange administration.

Clark Rambling said…
“Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last.” – Winston Churchill
But who is the crocodile here? I would say that Israel/America is the crocodile.