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A Well-Fed Cattle Drive

Perhaps it shouldn't have surprised me. After all, this is multiple-use public land. I drove around a corner on a narrow dirt road, and saw about 75 black cows walking toward me.

They certainly chose a good year. Look at all the greenery to munch on!

This experience seemed amusing to me because I have been watching old "Rawhide" television shows on DVDs.


I stopped and shut the engine off. The cows plodded slowly around my vehicle. There were what appeared to be three generations of a ranching family. The youngest was a girl about 10 years old.

Actually I really enjoyed seeing such an atavistic scene out of the "Old West." Somehow, the cowpersons seemed to sense my pleasure -- they gave me friendly waves and even talked a little to me.

But of course, there was no camera handy! 

It is funny how Hollywood made the cowboy life look glamorous and interesting. Whenever I have seen a cattle drive, the cowboys seemed hot and bored. Only once did a cattle drive seem interesting, and that was because I was focused on their herding dogs. The dogs had excitement and purpose squirting out their ears.

The plains of San Agustin, New Mexico.
My goodness, I am making myself nostalgic and misty-eyed. I will have to rewatch "Shane" tonight.


Cattle drives were never boring to me. It was always exciting to drive cattle with five sisters (no boys in family). Dad sometimes joined but mostly mom & dad drove the chuck wagon. Loved the meals prepared over open fire. Miss those days.