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The Future of the Nomadic Lifestyle?

As always, sunrise was perfect at the campground; but hardly anybody experienced it. With conditions so unbeatable this morning, it seems ironic to have stumbled onto a business news article that brought on a nightmare.

"Wolf Street" had an article about FedEx telling Amazon to jump in a lake.
Amazon is aggressively building up its own delivery capabilities, from cargo planes to last-mile delivery services, and in the process has become a logistics giant in its own right, as it is trying to get control of its shipping costs and move business away from FedEx and others.
Does this imply a bizarre future for the 'RV/mobile/nomadic' lifestyle? Can't you just see it? Amazon's "Camper Force" could be upgraded to thousands of nomads pulling small trailers, and doing deliveries for Amazon.

As restrictions on camping increase every year, and as everybody uses internet blabbermouth websites to find the few campsites that are still available, RVers try to adjust in the only way that is still available to them by signing on to a gig at the shipping&logistics subsidiary of Amazon.

The RVer would be an 'independent contractor' for Amazon, and therefore wouldn't cost Amazon health care or pensions or vacations.  But Amazon could require the RVer/trucker to drive in 12 hour shifts, with only two restroom breaks allowed per shift.

All across America you would see these independent contractors helping Amazon deliver the 'last mile', or maybe they would even do long haul, Less-Than-Truckload jobs.

Soon there would be popular You Tube channels by such people, extolling the 'Dream' of being mobile and nomadic. One of the most popular mobile/nomadic experts might be a 32-year-old fake blonde, with tanned legs, and some youthful good looks still clinging to her. She would be taking selfies of herself (in rather skimpy clothing) in a truck stop along I-10, in west Texas, on a hot windy dusty day.

Full of vivaciousness and good looks, she would explain how she is making ... like... real progress paying off her college loans (from 10 years ago) by driving for Amazon and turning tricks at the truck stops. And she gets to live the DREAM while doing it!


“As always, sunrise was perfect at the campground; but hardly anybody experienced it. With conditions so unbeatable this morning...”

Glad to see you were enjoying your ‘nice sunny day’., ;-)

Ed, Carol, and Gopher, OK you caught me... I admit that sunlight is nice the first and last couple hours of the day. It is only ghastly from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.,, which is only 1/3 of a 24 hours day.