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Serendipity at Sunrise

What perfect timing! The coffee shop was just about to open, almost at the second the rising sun hit its front door. Ahh, how nice. It is summer in southern New Mexico, and the mid-day sun is already an enemy; but of course that means it is still winter at sunrise. I was looking forward to sitting outdoors in the chilly air, feeling half-frozen in my winter parka, and maybe catching some warming rays on the face, while drinking hot coffee.

But I wasn't the only customer with this idea:

At first I thought she was just a cute little street urchin, looking for a handout on her morning rounds, like Benji in the original Benji movie. But she was keeping an eye on her human partner who was inside the coffee shop.

Click on the photo and blow up the warning sign near her eye level. She came so close, but she wouldn't cross the threshold. Girls like to follow rules.

Her human partner came out to sit and bask in the chair. I learned that the little dog's name was "Honey." And indeed, she was.

He and I ended up talking for a half hour. He was in the construction trades during his working years. Now that he is retired, he has become an artist, a carver, and banjo player. He winters in Silver City, and summers in Crestone and Salida, Colorado. And he has an RV.

Sigh...wouldn't it be wonderful to have more interactions like this? It would make it worthwhile to live in town. Then again, we wouldn't want the special magic to disappear from an occasional and unplanned success.


XXXXX said…

If a little is good, more must be better, right? You know better.