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Obsolete for a Quarter of a Century

There is no point in an amateur blogger reacting to the daily news, especially if they just hashed-and-rehashed the same stuff picked over by professional bull-shitters.

There is something to be gained by an amateur blogger questioning the assumptions of the professional bull-shitters. The latter don't overtly lie so much as they tacitly agree not to discuss certain questions; that is, they lie by omission, not commission.

With that preface out of the way, NATO is "celebrating" its 70th birthday. There has been a bit of discussion about NATO, but they safely avoid discussing anything important. For instance, the media considers it safe to discuss whether European countries contribute enough money to this worthless cause. 

Does anyone ever say, "NATO has been obsolete for a quarter of a century?" Probably not. That would get you accused of being a crank, radical, or Russian Collusionist.

There are even more fundamental issues. Europe is ceasing to exist. It (or rather, its Elites) has decided to commit civilizational suicide by welcoming a demographic invasion from Muslim countries. 

Couldn't you commit suicide quicker by shutting down your military entirely? Who cares if Russia took over "Europe?" Russia is at least semi-European, so more of Europe, as a civilization, would survive conquest by Russia than conquest by Islam.

Why is it that Multicultural Diversity is treated as a Deity, but only when it applies to somebody who lacks white skin? The Russians do have white skin (and are traditionally Christian), so they don't count.


Ed said…
Paul Craig Roberts has been one of the few bloggers that I read that has called for the abolition of NATO. There certainly are not any in the Main Stream Media that are doing so.

Pat Buchanan had a recent posting 'Trump Should Close NATO Membership Rolls' but even he did not go so far as to say that it should be abolished.

It will disappear when the United States Empire collapses. For now it is another tool for US world domination and The Establishment will not willingly give it up.
I like his self-description as "American Regime Defector."
Anonymous said…
AMEN. head in the sand. Give the overbreeding moslem hoards an escape valve and quickly overtake Europe.Just like the U.S. did with europeans in the 1800's. Except our population was still low. Now we are overpopulated. Yet the head in the sanders, still want us to operate as an escape valve for over breeders around the world. "Let the caravans in". NO! Only plays in to corporations hands=cheap labor=more demand for consumer products. Stop all immigration now!!