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Tables and Mesas

There is a quarry in the neighborhood that makes flagstones for patios. Maybe the quarry is a private in-holding, surrounded by BLM land; or maybe it is leased BLM land.

Perhaps it is the latter, because that would give the quarry operators reasons for brown-nosing with the BLM. And that could explain the donations to a trailhead nearby.

There were two picnic table made of these flagstones. They were functional -- but not too soft!

You don't have to know too much Spanish too see something a little poetic in these flagstone picnic tables with a famous mesa in the background. 


Anonymous said…

We've really lost something important to our psyches when we moved so far from the source of what gave us life and community. There is a rift in so many minds, a severing so severe that it causes anxiety. We are floating on pieces of scrap in the middle of the ocean. I recently saw a segment on alzheimer's, a study on parts of the world where this deterioration does not seem to be an issue with its elderly population. People in these communities live close to where they grew up, long time friendships, lots of community spirit, and a simple life. They walk everywhere, what they need is close by. I got to looking at online real estate in some of these old European communities and could see by the structure of these centuries old houses that many people lived in them. It was pretty much kitchen and large rooms where many people slept. Simple kitchens which would shock modern minds. Narrow roads for they were only used for animals and walking. Dwellings were made of local rock (which is what your picture reminded me of.) I don't think our smart phones are worth the loss.
Roger Fell said…
I've seen something similar in MacKenzie State Park in Hawaii, with lava slabs being the construction material. A Flintstones sort of thing!
George, a world of stone is pretty hard for me to relate to. But I can relate to the metaphorical interpretation of the photograph.

Roger, I can't imagine what a lava slab looks like. It would have to be sawed at quarry, wouldn't it?