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Turning the Murder of a Journalist into Electoral Success

The independent punditocracy is criticizing the Establishment Media for paying so much attention to the murder of Khashoggi by the Saudis, given that it has paid almost no attention to the death rained down from the skies by the Saudis onto miserable Yemen.

But there is an explanation, and it shows that the Establishment has learned something from their Kavanaugh debacle.

The Establishment cannot have an overhang, a positive aura, survive until the mid-term elections, to the benefit of the Republicans. They can't have voters still thinking about the deplorable behavior of the Democrat groups during Kavanaugh's confirmation.

So attention must be diverted elsewhere, and quickly! If the Never-Trumpers are lucky, Trump will be seen as the defender of cruel, spoiled, despotic Saudis. And perhaps this time, the guilt will be established. It is possible the Trump is stupid enough to fall into this trap: after all, Israel and Saudi Arabia are allies in everything but name. 

Or maybe splits will open up in the Republican party because of this issue. Oh sure, Bible thumpers will stand by the Saudi regime since it plays nice with Israel. And the Defense Lobby will stand by the Saudis because of all the weapons being sold to them. 

But I'll bet Saudi royalty isn't too popular with populist voters. And that might create a split in the Trump coalition.

In any case, it will redound to electoral success for the Democrats this November.