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A Predatory Truck Consumer Smacks His Lips

One of these days I will give up the bad habit of reading doom-and-gloom financial blogs. They don't do their readers any good. They are the proverbial 'broken clock that gives the right time, twice a day.'

These days they are screaming about how bad automobile sales are. Through the alchemy of confirmation bias, I seem to see a glut of automobiles for sale in make-shift parking lots where they don't even belong.

It is time to actually believe the doom-and-gloomers when the prices actually go down. Still, it is easy to believe them after the insane auto industry trends of the last seven years. The very apotheosis of these trends is the ridiculous size and popularity of pickup trucks. But don't let me get started on that...

Right now, all a consumer can do is visualize a serious predator, like a mountain lion or wolf, spotting a herd of unsuspecting deer. The predator moves in carefully, so as not to alarm the herd. And the predators allow themselves no demonstrativeness more than licking their chops.


  1. "These days they are screaming about how bad automobile sales are."

    That would be the new car market. I assume you are smacking your lips over the glut that will soon be in the used truck market herd. However, don't do the usual predator thing and pick off one of the cripples or old ones that can not keep up.

    1. Yes, so far it is only car sales that are falling off. The national codpieces (pickups) are still selling well. I was being optimistic and hoping that the fall-off in cars was a leading indicator.


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