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Thinking My Way Out of a Dead End

Finally I have some good news to report about my new tow vehicle.  There are so many headwinds to face, thanks to easy financing by the Federal Reserve and more restrictive regulations coming from Washington, DC.  I have complained about these trends before, so today I want to discuss this on a different level. Let's think of it as an example of problem-solving in general. 

There's no point in pissing and moaning about these negative trends because I can't do anything about them, other than work around them as well as I can.

Even though I have fewer options for tow vehicles compared to the past, I have more options than other campers. 

Depending on how you categorize these tow vehicles, I have a half dozen options. None of them are terrible. So what is the basic approach here? So far, I have always thought myself half to death by trying to come up with one more option: one magical, exciting, new option that revolutionized the situation  -- something that I had somehow overlooked.

This approach seemed so irresistible. But it produced nothing. Finally I faced up to the fact that this was just juvenile romanticism.

Look at what I was doing to each of my half dozen half-decent options: I was immediately assassinating them with a 'yea, but...'

What if I actually acted like an adult, for a change, and accepted these half dozen options as being the 'hand of cards that I have been dealt', and tried to improve one or two of them, instead of running off to escapist romanticism about a whole new option? Well, I did it, and it worked: nothing radical, but a noticeable improvement of what existed before.


Anonymous said…
And you've left us twisting in the wind.

Steve said…
So what are you buying or what have you bought?
Steve and Chris: you wouldn't want me to succumb to the RV Blabbermouth Syndrome, would you? Seriously, I don't want to provide a new formula that gets ruined by the blabbermouths out there. Everything that gets imitated gets ruined.
XXXXX said…
See.....what did I tell you? You are learning to focus on the power of your own mind....what you actually have control over and you are letting go of everything else.
I think I'm having a good effect on you.
Ed said…
Can you go so far as to say that you did or did not buy something? I promise not to tell - honest!
I have not bought anything. But I have relaxed a 'yea, but...' on one option, such that it should cut my search time in half. And other benefits.
There you go again, George, with one of your psychology ads. (grin)
Anonymous said…
Say what? You are having so much fun with your readership.

Chris, I apologize if this post seemed like a tease. It was not meant to be so. But I keep things forever, and am a "difficult customer."
Dave Davis said…
Your choices are unlimited, all you have to do is add 1 small think, a flatbed trailer!
The bonus is, you can back up your RV with it attached.
Anonymous said…
No apology needed. My addled mind obviously doesn't know wassup. Maybe we'll find out what's behind door 3 soon.

Ed said…
I think David meant to say flatbed truck if I read it correctly, if not I'm not sure what he meant. I have always liked the idea of building a RV on a flatbed or take the axles off a travel trailer and mount it on a flatbed truck or trailer.
Ed and David, I would not let myself become suckered into an extreme form of Do-It-Yourself-ism, because it transitions you away from the rig being the enabler of a lifestyle, to the point of the rig BECOMING the lifestyle.