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Gotterdammerung on the Upper Rio Grande


XXXXX said…
You surely got some fantastic shots through all this.
I can easily appreciate your current spot. Don't know what it is about mountains but they do something wonderful to the innards. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that feeling of driving along and then having the whole thing open up to me when I turn a corner.
Having just moved here recently, the wildflowers are all different from back east and rather prolific in the rainy NW climate.
Folks here think I'm a little looney since I dig them out and put them in pots along with other stuff, letting them drape over the edge.
They point it out and tell me it's a weed. The whole idea of a "weed" is a hoot. If it's indigenous, it's a weed and, therefore, of no value, but if I buy it from the garden center, it's valuable.
Go figure. We humans aren't always the smartest. When I was young, I thought wisdom was measured by gaining knowledge and facts and now I think it's more about giving up preconceived beliefs and the "ought-to" and "shoulds" of life. One of the things I gave up is expecting too much.
You mentioned that you care for the plight of individuals; that it was society you don't give a hoot for. How do you separate it out though since those individuals collectively make up the society?
It would take a whole shelf of books to answer your last sentence; or at least an essay. I won't forget it. But it's too challenging to tackle right at this minute.

But, oh dear. Really, George!: "that feeling of driving along and then having the whole thing open up to me when I turn a corner."

You know what I think of windshield tourism! (grin)