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New Travel Link Added

So far I've resisted adding links to dozens of "me too" mainstream RV travelogues because, when I'm the reader, a mile-long list of such links is too daunting to even dig in to. So I've restricted the list to friends' blogs.

In other cases I haven't listed links to certain blogs because they already have huge readerships, so my referrals wouldn't give them the slightest bump. (Examples are and

But even more fundamentally I don't list mainstream RV travelogues because they are stereotypical to the point of self-parody. They are too much alike and too predictable. Does it sound like I'm in curmudgeon mode today? I admit to being fairly hard to please. But there is a constructive way to use reputed "cynics" and "negative thinkers": when they give a recommendation it really means something.

I added to my list of links. It's been built by somebody who I have never met personally. It's a website that has something unique and valuable to offer.


Pat said…
There's two reason I would link to another blog. One, to help them increase their readership. Two, to help my readers make a great find.

Helping that one person find a blog that is meaningful to them, is good enough.

I found Technomadia just the other day. It's a great blog read by many and I didn't know it existed. Who knew?
I link for several reasons. I link for reciprocity. I link for interactivity and commenting. I link because I like the writing, or them. I have favorites, naturally.

I'm interested in people who boondock, especially in bigger rigs. I'm interested in cheapskates. I'm interested in helping people find the unusual and the unique. I want to make the unconventional seem feasible.

For most RV bloggers, just RVing is unusual and unique enough. If they can avoid describing their daily breakfast, I'm good with them.
-b- said…
Most of the time I can't stand it when you get snarky, but this time it was pretty funny. I like some of the practical/technical info blogs and the philosophical ones as well, but I'm just about at saturation with all the RV "adventuring" and "journeying" going on out there.
"I've restricted (my blog) list to friends' blogs."

What about the opportunity to make new friends?
Through blog-lists, I've stumbled upon interesting people I would have never met... worthy stories I would not have heard, and RV travel styles that are out of the mainstream. It's true, you can't list every RV blog out there, and you shouldn't list the one's that are boring or of no interest to you personally. But looking at your blog-list, it does appear you are not too "approachable" or friendly.

If you use the abbreviated blog-list tool... just the name and link... and shove it way over in the side bar... what's the big deal? I thought crossing paths was part of what RVing was all about. Who wants to live an isolated RV life ? Reach out... for one never knows who they might run into.
That's my two cents, anyway... just being a "friendly" blogging neighbor... you know, sharing.
Box Canyon Mark
Jim and Gayle said…
We know how you feel about RV blogs, but they are useful for us in finding places to camp, hike and visit in an area we are planning to go. I think lots of folks use them as references, and we've gotten some good recommendations from other blogs. Since you tend to travel and camp differently from most, it is understandable that you don't find much value in most RV blogs.
Desert Diva said…
I totally like Mark's comment - it's a blog (and most got it for free) so what's the big deal?

For me, I like to read about "experiences" rather than uninteresting padded fodder. However, daily life isn't always "exciting," and sometimes we make cyber connections just because we want to stay well - "connected." Sometimes, I write about my personal feelings, not so much for the sake of readers - but more to work through issues.

I see you as somewhat of a "hermit." You like to keep to yourself, but I think you inwardly crave more companionship and human contact. Why do we never see a face in a photo?
Jim and Gayle, One of the ironies of the Information Age and travel blogs is the reluctance of supposedly helpful bloggers to mention DeLorme or Benchmark state atlases. I wonder what fraction of wannabees and newbies don't even know about them.

I don't think an RVer needs much information that isn't in these two products.

Mark, Isn't "reaching out" what I just did by introducing cheapRVLiving?
Desert Diva, this is not a social network blog. I am not interested in personality analysis, social science, or psychology 101.