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Western Tanager

It would have been easy to drop my hiking pole over the cliff (like Gayle the other day) when I saw this bird on a trail that would soon present a marvelous vista of Ouray CO.  After fighting the urge to immediately run to Bobbie (in the Ouray RVing and Hiking Team) for help, I actually managed to identify it as a western tanager. It would only pose for one shot before it flew off. (From my 'birds' album in Picasa:)

This made the hike for me, as did coffee and banana/pumpkin bread back in town.


Unknown said…
You sure have your priorities in order ;^)
Anonymous said…
When we arrived to Ouray this was the first bird we saw. Looks like you got a close-up view! scamp
Sondra said…
I always enjoying seeing this beautiful bird when Im in the west, here we have the Scarlet, and Summer tanagers. Both also beautiful! You got a great photo too!!