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Fred Reed's Link Added

Every internet junkie gets in a rut now and then. At that point some friendly help is needed. I got some recently from fellow blogger, Ed Frey, who brought Fred Reed's website to my attention. I was familiar with Fred Reed as a writer, but the website is a new discovery. Fred has the proper attitude toward contemporary American culture and politics: sheer disdain and curmudgeonly wit. I put his link in the link section of my blog.

There are too many juicy quotes to begin listing them all, but just to give you a brief slice of the flavor of Fred's blog: "Things change, usually for the worse, and always against the innocent. (This truth is a principle of curmudgeonry.)"


Anonymous said…
Thank you for providing a link to Fred's place. It allowed me to discover a person with a refreshing outlook, that beats the drab, monoclonal stuff put out by the pundits and celebrities our traditional media channels offer.
Monoclonal. Now that's a good word.