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Four Gentle Seasons?

More times than not, I like challenging weather, and look down on the softies who complain about weather. It's funny how objective-discomfort can be experienced as either a stimulating challenge or as debilitating drudgery.

The local visitor's center uses the 'Four Gentle Seasons' slogan to sell the Little Pueblo to visitors and retirees. It's partly true, but not this year. We are half way through 2011 and haven't even experienced one gentle season yet: below zero weather in the winter, wildfires and high winds all spring, and now we're pushing triple digits. Growl.

Maybe I'm just dumping on the Little Pueblo because I'm trying to psyche-up about leaving it.


Anonymous said…
If you are seeking better climactic conditions, I'm not sure where you can go, at least according to this blog from Wunderground.

2010 - 2011: Earth's most extreme weather since 1816?

Tom in Kansas
Tom, I know where to go: someplace higher than the paltry 6000 foot altitude that we have here.
1 More Mile! said…
Al Gore has his wallet open for your money and claims "his fix" for the climate fluctuations is "the one".