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Wallowing in the Rainy Glory of the Desert

Like most single people I don't pay much attention to holidays.  But this year I want to make a project of organizing my photographs on the computer.  Maybe this seems like an obvious idea.  But look at this photograph.  It explains why I have trouble getting motivated with photography:

If you zoom in, you can see the crazed look on her face, as dogs usually have when they are running fast off-leash.  And I was as enthusiastic as she was.

She doesn't come back well, especially with her strong prey drive, so she usually has to stay on-leash.  But arroyos tend to confine the dog, even if they don't have high, vertical walls.  The photograph doesn't really show it, but the arroyo-gravel is rounded, making for happy dog paws.  So she voluntarily stayed in her joy-trough. 

This was the day of our big rain in west-central Arizona.   Everything was enjoyable: clouds, humidity, a fresh smell, the lack of motorsport-yahoos, and cool air.  Another rain like this one, and spring in the desert should be quite colorful.

Nothing gives you an overpowering sense of well-being like rain in the desert!  Rain means that Life -- such as it is -- will manage to continue in this gawdforsaken wasteland.  And you don't really have to worry about getting stuck in the mud.  What mud?  The ground is just gravel.  The ironwood tree in the background was huge.  Ironwood trees actually have green leaves!!!

It was wonderful.  Perhaps some of that comes through in the photograph.


Anonymous said…
Looks like she has a critter in her mouth, a mouse maybe.
Anonymous said…
Looks like she might have a mouse in her mouth. That would make for a crazed look too.
Anonymous, I didn't zoom in enough to see a mouse! I have always loved that crazed look on a dog's face. Poodles are great little runners.
Anonymous said…
Grew up with poodles. Raised one from 2 hours old. So fun & loving.
Merry Christmas to you and QT!
Anonymous, 2 hours old!!! I wish I had had the puppy experience, but I got my 2 miniature poodles as adults.