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Wandering Through History in the Wee Hours

Audiobooks are helpful at night.  Early this morning, it was a bit bizarre to be listening to a history of the Anglo-Saxon period in England, while the sound of frogs came through the open windows of my camper.

It was a disappointment because the sources are so poor from that era and place.  The Church was the most literate part of Anglo-Saxon society, so most of the documents that have survived pertained to organizational squabbles of the Church.  They squabbled over how to date Easter for a century.  Why was I wasting my time with such nonsense?

And yet, this "nonsense" gives you the right perspective in thinking about the European Union of today.  What is it about societies that permits giant, complex, parasitic bureaucracies to rise up in their midst, and take over the society to some extent?  After tolerating the Catholic establishment for 1300 years  -- and 15--20% of the country's land being owned by the church -- it shouldn't surprise anyone that modern Europeans tolerate the European Union monster.

Recently I got an email advertisement from GM, mentioning "Military Appreciation Month."  Gosh, are you sure that one measly little month is enough?!

 we tip our hats to the fine active-duty military members and veterans who have served our country. We’re proud to work alongside the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a foundation firmly committed to making a difference in the lives of America’s greatest heroes.

I guess the Pentagon, the CIA, and the FBI serve the same purpose (giving the peasants a giant parasitic organization to worship) in the land of the free and home of the brave.

from The Atlantic


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