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Grocery Stores Could Eliminate Four Aisles

Whenever I go to a grocery store these days, I am surprised that entire aisles haven't disappeared.  People are still buying over-priced chips, frozen gourmet foods, imported cheeses in the deli sections, convenient junk foods of all kinds, etc.?   

Personally I am stepping towards the diet of a third-world peasant or one of our not-so-distant ancestors: rice and beans, bread, and root vegetables.  (But eggs are still unaffordable.)  Actually this isn't such a bad thing.  I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of consumers who have rigid habits!

Now that bank failures are in the news, and memories of 2008 are back, are the "helicopters" starting to warm up at the Federal Reserve?  (For the purpose of dropping money.)

All the usual suspects on Wall Street and in Congress want the Federal Reserve to back off of "high" interest rates.  "High" means half to a third of the real inflation rate.  And yet, the American banking system is throwing a tantrum over it.  It shows you how addicted America's financial engineers are to fake interest rates.  

"QE" to infinity...and beyond.  And the same for inflation.


Ed said…
"...the diet of a third-world peasant or one of our not-so-distant ancestors: rice and beans, bread, and root vegetables."

I have been eating the diet that you have described for a few years now. Rather than rice I prefer hulled barley and oat groats, some bread but mostly corn tortillas. Vegetable stews are my main meal with the most recent having sweet potatoes, turnips, red cabbage, red hominy, beans, squash and red onions as the ingredients. Have used honey as the sweetener in the past but recently switched to molasses for my fruit with yogurt dessert.

The only thing that I have found difficult to buy has been non-dairy yogurt. The smaller towns may not carry any at all or a very small selection. The same is somewhat true for non-dairy milk.

I am working on implementing a plan to use oat milk powder, which I'll buy online, to fix that second issue. The absence of yogurt will probably have to be fixed by changing how I prepare my fruit dessert.