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The Best Camera in the World... the one that you actually brought along. I experienced both sides of that double-edged sword, today.

Is it the miracle of moisture that has brought Mother Nature back to life in this godforsaken hot arid wasteland? Lately a Western Tanager seems to have established residence in my campground. And for the first time, I met the "Mrs." as well.
What a little lens-tease he was! He would light upon a bush right next to the road Coffee Girl and I were mountain biking on. Since I take my new camera in a handlebar bar, it is easy to grab it. But there are still a few more steps to fumble through -- do you remember that classic scene in "The Unforgiven", when Little Bill Daggett (Gene Hackman) tells the hack western writer, "Being quick with the draw don't do no harm, but a man who stays cool will kill ya..." or something like that.

And I just barely missed photographing him four times. He would move down the road ahead of us another 50 feet, and I would panic and miss the shot again!

Later in the day I learned why a fox had been hanging out close to the road that takes me to town. I saw two of the cutest little kits ever, playing close to the culvert. I slowed down and rolled the windows down. It was all I could do not to go running out after them and try to tickle them behind their ears.

So playful and curious!  But this time I had no camera along to even try with.


XXXXX said…

In birds the male is the most colorful, presumably to impress the ladies. So why in the human population is it the female that gets all dolled up?

Ed said…
"Look son, being a good shot, being quick with a pistol, that don't do no harm, but it don't mean much next to being cool-headed. A man who will keep his head and not get rattled under fire, like as not, he'll kill ya. It ain't so easy to shoot a man anyhow, especially if the son-of-a-bitch is shootin' back at you." - Little Bill Daggett

Or as Wyatt Earp said; “Fast is fine, but accuracy is final.”

That holds true for getting great pictures as well. I don't think I have ever seen a Western Tanager. I don't pay much attention to birds but he is a hansom fellow I should notice him.

XXXXX said…

Anonymous (with no signature), how old was your mother when she had you?

Ed, I knew the QuoteMeister would come through for me!
XXXXX (George), In rural Mexico it is the men who wear the expensive vaquero costumes, while the women are stuck with little cheapie cotton print dresses.

But in general, Perhaps it is the importance of landing the eldest son who is going to inherit property that made it the custom for women to dress up.
XXXXX said…

Truth be told, here, Anonymous with no signature, women of today usually must delay childbearing in order to achieve an advanced education and establish themselves in a career. Marriage has fallen apart so women can no longer depend on men to come through for their own children. A young woman who has children makes it so much more difficult for her to achieve a good education and career. Not that it's impossible; but more difficult.
If a woman nowadays wants to attract a man of quality, she, herself, must be of quality, which means educated and having a source of income. I know of which I speak.
Changing times.