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The Death of Europe

Long-suffering readers of this blog are used to me praising moldy old books, while ignoring or even denigrating modern books. I am happy to be proven wrong. I have finished reading 2/3 of "The Strange Death of Europe," by Douglas Murray.

It's an "anti-mass-immigration" book by an Englishman, or rather, a Euro-person located on the island of Great Britain. It is uniformily calm and rational throughout.

To give you a flavor of the book, 2/3 of the way through the book he might have hit the essence of the problem:
The problem is one that is easier to feel than it is to prove, but it runs something like this: that life in modern liberal democracies is to some extent thin or shallow and that life in modern Western Europe in particular has lost its sense of purpose.
That statement made quite an impact on me, in part because I was simultaneously reading a book by the famous Catholic historian, Hilaire Belloc, "The Great Heresies." In his chapter on Islam, he reminded the reader how recent the European dominance of Islam was.

He wondered if the pendulum would swing back the other way, that is, towards the domination of Europe by Islam. It was fascinating to watch him think out-loud (in 1920's) about how this Islamic resurgence might happen. He never guessed that Europe would someday willingly surrender to Islam, as it now is.

I eagerly look forward to seeing how Murray's book ends. For my part, I see Europe's problem as basically that of Icarus, in the Greek myth. They flew so high in the age of Enlightenment. And yet the program was essentially negative: they destroyed Christianity, which is what had given Europe its identity. 

They never found anything to replace it with, other than the soul-less secular religions of Democracy (number-worship), Jacobin Equality (envy worship), Utilitarianism (comfort worship), Nationalism (state worship), and Socialism (bureaucracy worship). Daily life is protected against this existential angst by trivial busy-ness.

Quoting Murray again:
After all, how long can a society survive once it has unmoored itself from its founding source and drive?


Ed said…
Excellent! I particularity like your closing paragraph as well as your use of quotes from the book to make your point.
XXXXX said…
As you say, Christianity was replaced by consumerism which opened the door to hedonism, all made possible by technology, medical advances, etc. The west has largely achieved what it set out to do, that is, achieve a high quality of life for the majority of people.
Evolution has endowed us with an endless desire to accomplish and make better but there's no where to go now except within. Outer space is not the last horizon, rather it is a truer understanding of man's inner nature and building a society around a recognition and control of the predator within, our animal nature, all that we wish to deny. (Ain't gonna happen)
So instead we externalize the enemy and engage in battle and in the process destroy everything, forcing us to start once again. It's in the program and the program doesn't include the ability to change itself.
Sondra said…
A world without Religion would be a better world but we are eons away from that. A communal inclusive society is the best answer, until the Radicals and Fascists have had their run it won't be realized.
Anonymous said…
I recently read the NYTimes review of Murray's book along with the review of Rita Chin's book, "The Crisis of Multiculturalism in Europe", which counterbalances Murray's exclusionists views. The Indian writer Rabindranath Tagore, was quoted in the review of Chin's book: “In human beings differences are not like the physical barriers of mountains, fixed forever — they are fluid with life’s flow, they are changing their courses and their shapes and their volumes,” in what is a “world-game of infinite permutations and combinations.” How true this is. Why can't humans accept it?
In Europe, we are observing the collapse of Marxism/Socialism which has fed the absolute corruption of Politicians in Brussel's. Unelected EU officials robbing the people, elected officials only interested in the next vote, so they import them because the locals are fed up. Islam members flock to Europe for the Marxist/Socialist hand outs promised by politicians to them an islamic concept called dhimmitude.

Islam is intent, like the Globalist, on domination, Empires have a cycle to them, as all in the cosmos.

When the Byzantine Empire began it's financial collapse in 1092 the financial power went to India, that is why Columbus was traveling to India when he found the America's.

We who observe history to understand where we are and where we are going are doomed to watch the rest repeat it.

The only chance of real change for the benefit of our posterity is to act when the confidence in Government collapses, and that is playing out now.

The truth is people want change all over the world, and November 2018 will be a repeat of the Presidential election, with the marxist globalist open mouth stunned yet again due to their bias and lack of understanding History.

I thank all commenters. I prefer not to respond to individual comments when on political subjects, since I've already probably angered them enough.

Also I don't want to look like I deserve the last word.