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A Moral Quandary at the McDonald's Kiosk

This wasn't the first kiosk at McDonald's that I had ever seen. But the first time, it had been optional to use it. Rest assured that I ordered and paid the old-fashioned way.

But today I wasn't even given the choice. The young punk was loud and aggressive about it. I dutifully walked over to the kiosk. But then something deep-within began to express itself.  I starting digging in my heels. Of course he thought that a stupid old man just couldn't figure the thing out, so, before my moral protest had time to get properly organized, he came over, asked the usual questions, and pushed the appropriate buttons.

So why couldn't he have done all that at the cash register -- the old-fashioned way? His final question was, "Pay with your card here, or with cash?" I actually paused and started to get curt. But he assured me that paying cash was still an option, although we had to walk to a special cash register to do it. Why couldn't we have done that right from the beginning!?

Before the young punk came over to push the buttons for me, I was deciding whether I would submit to this nonsense, or throw up my hands, cuss out loud, and storm out of the McDonald's. Alas, now we will never know.

He hasn't live long enough in this old world of ours to realize that 95% of change is aimed at extracting more dollars from his wallet, in exchange for fewer goodies. Then it puffs up as progress, leaving you to dutifully submit, with no questions asked.

We can guess McDonald's motivations. Much of it is outside their control. They will certainly lose a lot of business with geezers, who were probably their least profitable customers, anyway. 

It all happened so fast that there was bound to be missed opportunities. At least I had time to appreciate that I was staring into the abyss of moral and cultural decay...

...and that once this threshold was crossed, there would be no going back.


Your mistake was your choice.
McD cares only for profit, ergo Kiosk.
Find a nice young woman who cooks with lard and knows how to make homemade soup from bones and veggies. That is the right choice that will create a condition of satisfaction for you,her, and your beautiful children soon to come.
Unknown said…
Sign me up, Ann!

And classic pic, Boonster. Warms my heart every time it shows up on these pages.
sooperedd said…
I haven't had the pleasure of using one of McDs kiosks yet, and I won't; I will leave.
Great observation that all "progress" is to separate us from more of our money; much like the ever increasing, ubiquitous self-checkouts.
Sooper Edd, maybe that is the easiest thing to do: just go to McDonald's competition to look for a one dollar sandwich.
Yes, my choice will have to change -- away from McDonald's.
Ed said…
You must have been in the 'City'. My most recent McD visits were in Hawthorne, NV and Pocatello, ID and neither of them had kiosks. If I am confronted with one I'll probably just leave, all I want is coffee and there are a lot of places that sell coffee.
Well, St. George, UT is a small metropolis these days.
I remember thinking, when I took this photo, that it would have great metaphorical use.