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Ten Year Anniversary

Has it really been ten years? I checked. It has. It was ten years ago, and right here in the Book Cliffs/Grand Junction area, that I adopted my sweetheart.

Her first day with me on adobe badlands, ten years ago. What is that face saying? "I'm not so sure about this, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt."

She doesn't look much different today. You never quite know what a canine-American person is thinking, but she probably thinks she has had a pretty good life since then.


Sondra said…
Congrats to you both!
Ed said…
She has had a good life and has aged well. Happy Anniversary!
Steve said…
Sounds like she has been a great companion.
XXXXX said…
A look of anticipation. I think she's saying "This guy looks like a lot of fun. Let's check this place out, Dad."

One lucky dog.

Ted said…
I’d say she’s had a very good life. Nearly always with the person she adores—no weekday loneliness while you’re at work. Lots and lots of new places and smells experienced. Isn’t that an ideal dog life? Canines don’t care one wit about luxury accommodations.

May she have many more happy traveling years with you.
Thanks to all for the kind comments. (Coffee Girl.)
Ed said…
A post script. I adopted Patches on 22 October 2011 but she did not come to live with me until the 24th after her spay operation. So I split the difference and consider today to be our 6th Anniversary. She was a lucky dog and I was her lucky human!