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Blog Spin-off Happens

In the old days, successful television shows occasionally featured guest stars who took off on their own shows. With that pattern as our inspiration, I am advertising a link to a discussion thread I started on , a mountain biking forum.

Its intention is to foster a sort of traveling club of mountain biking RV/van campers. We are trying to be rig-agnostic, that is, we welcome people in any rig. Where they camp is their business. (My cycling compadre and I disperse camp.)

The theme of the autumn and winter Romp is Utah and Arizona. Obviously we will follow the weather, as we head to lower altitudes and latitudes, approximately down the Colorado River. 

We have not advertised on RV forums. Perhaps we should. I don't know where the right place is.  


I see things like that on Crazy Guy On A Bike site at times.
It might be possible to get something done on Crazy Guy on a Bike. They advertise for companions sometimes. Of course, they are mainly road cyclists. Occasionally they are fat-tired bikepackers. But that is rather distinct from an RV-equipped nomad who does day-rides on his mountain bike.