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More Equality is Needed for NFL Team Rosters

Some cynics say that politics is a sour and depressing topic, and that we should just avoid discussing it. Nonsense! I am enjoying the 'take-a-knee' protests by NFL players during the national anthem.

For one thing, it takes gumption to do what they are doing. That used to be a trait of Americans when they were a free people, way back when. 

The anti-protesters say that the players are welcome to their political opinions, but they shouldn't use their workplace to trumpet those opinions.

Oh really? Why aren't the anti-protestors concerned about the Military using NFL games as recruitment posters? Look at the military brass bands at half-time, the moments of silence to honor dead Heroes, and the flyover of Air Force jets. Do none of those things express a political opinion, at least implicitly?

The anti-protesters could win this situation by simply eliminating the tradition of playing the national anthem. Why don't they? Most entertainment industry events in America or the rest of the world do not start off with a national anthem. Why should they?

But the anti-protesters won't take this step. To do so would make American culture one tiny step less worshipful of militaristic nationalism. As a result, the take-the-knee protesters will win.

But there are plenty of hypocrisies on both sides. If the take-the-knee protesters are so worried about Equality in America, why aren't they a little more concerned about inequality on NFL rosters? 

How many Chinese, Jews, women, or transgender quarterbacks are making millions of dollars per game? And why not? There can be only one explanation: Discrimination. It might be subtle or implicit, but it must be there. Behind this discrimination must lie something even uglier: Hatred.

But I want to leave you with a positive plan: let's put the NFL schedule on hold until an Equal Opportunity program can be designed for its teams. Mind you, I'm only talking about a temporary program. It won't do any lasting damage to the NFL, and if it does, I'll eat my hat.


Ed said…
What would you like to drink to with that hat?

Even without your temporary Equal Opportunity program for the NFL I think its day is done. It reached its prime and is now in decline, sort of preview of the United States as a whole.
Anonymous said…
The take-the-knee protesters aren't worried about equality in general. The action was taken in protest to law enforcement killing unarmed black men.

I agree with Ed that football is done but perhaps for a different reason. The lawyers and the players with brain damage will take it down piece by piece. I remember the good old days on the playground when we would play the politically incorrect, "Kill the guy with the ball. No pads or helmets. A bunch of young white boys ganging up on another white boy. Makes me laugh now.
Sondra said…
Football is way over rated as are most male dominated sports....however any platform to protest the current regime is welcomed.
Anonymous said…
I suspect that if a Chinese, Jewish, female or transgender quarterback could help win a Superbowl, the NFL owners would quick to hire him/her.

At 11 million dollar contracts, those players are owned by the Club, they do not think for themselves, they do what they are told. What a bunch of dumbed down automons. You really think those foot ball players care about Black Lives.

How about some consistancy, if the 200+ a year black men, the majority engaged in some kind of crime at the time, are killed. If their lives matter, what about the 6 million black lives killed by Planned Parenthood since 1970, what about their lives? How about the epidemic black on black crime, 93%. What about the 762 black lives murdered by other blacks in 2016 in Chicago alone, do they matter? And what is the bigger problem, police?Planned Parenthood? Other Blacks?

The truth is that like our Empire, the Media, and NFL are all in decline.

The real crisis is not equity or police brutality, the real crisis is the collapse in Government. Today the BBC released a story on Government Pensions, Millions may lose out on Pension Pay outs.

You can guarantee it is not may lose, it is will lose. Unlike Norway, the British, and US Governments have stuffed Government Pensions and Social Security into Government Bonds, and they cannot sell them in Europe, the fed is no longer buying. Pop goes the bubble and Pensioners and Social Security will be given the shaft as Government in crisis will ALWAYS take care of itself.

Now Norway, for the last ten years, has been selling the bonds in their pension and social security funds and have been buying Equities. Smart. They will be one of the few countries able to fullfill their promices.

So pick a side, any side, you are being conned while the Government swindles your future and your childrens future.

Want to know what causes inequity? Government. Follow the money.
On one level I agree with you, and I am NOT being facetious. The Equal Opportunity program I want for the NFL could achieve Equality with temporary numerical goals, or better yet, it could change the rules of the game so that women and other groups are not at a disadvantage.

Women can do gymnastics, dance, and figure-skate the pants off of male Cro-Magnons, and my program would move the NFL in that direction.
Ed said…
I agreed with everything you had to say Ann until this "Now Norway, for the last ten years, has been selling the bonds in their pension and social security funds and have been buying Equities. Smart."

They are smart now and will remain smart as long as the equity i.e. stocks remain over valued. However, I thing there will be a time when that over valuation is wiped out. When that happens their pension and social security funds will not look so smart.
The bubble today is not in Equities, it is in Government Bonds. There is a cycle to everything.