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Some Hope for a Clinton Presidency

I have no prediction about who will win this presidential election. It is humbling to see my supposed knowledge of history provide so little perspicuity at this time. The closest thing you could offer to a 'solid bet' is that a Clinton presidency -- if one comes -- has no chance of accomplishing anything, because it will be mired in legal battles, scandals, charges and counter-charges.

Ah but wait...maybe history does offer hope for a Clinton presidency. In order to distract the public from her endless scandals and legal problems, couldn't she go 'all in' for War? It would be easy for her to go that direction. She is already a neo-con, and part of the Beltway foreign policy consensus. She is the Defense sector's favorite candidate, other than John McCain.

More American involvement in Syria is the most likely course. But considering the sheer number of scandals and possible indictments, she should keep her options open on bombing and invading Crimea, Poland, the Baltic States, the South China Sea, the Philippines, Yemen, Somalia, and maybe a second rendition of Libya.

A cynic might argue that America has shown no interest in fighting a major war in Syria. But that is just because a sufficient provocation hasn't been offered -- something more compelling than Obama's "Assad crossed the Red Line" argument of a couple years ago. What about ye olde 'They fired first!' gimmick? It gets 'em every time. American presidents have been brilliant at suckering the 'bad guys' into firing the first shot. 

If President Clinton offered a trap for America in order to get her out of her own trap, most of the Stoopid Party would fall for it. They simply can't resist an opportunity for another trillion dollars of ineffective war, especially one in a country so close to Israel. 

There is only one problem with my optimistic political advice for the Clinton administration: Putin would have to take the bait. He has already shown, when the Turks shot down the Russian fighter, that he is too adroit to fall for such a trap. In fact I suspect he would dance circles around Mrs. Clinton, just as he has with Obama. Is it legal to write him in when you vote next week?


The only positive in a Clinton win will be to block Trump.
That man had some very, very serious mental health issues that make him unfit to lead America.

Four years of Clinton scandles is a price I'm willing to pay.
Perhaps you are right if following the scandal or indictment du jour were the only drawback to a president Clinton II. But the point of this post was that it might lead to a pursuit of war that is rabid even by neo-con standards.
Ed said…
I guess the positive I can see coming from a Madam President Clinton is she would have to start the shooting war soon after her coronation. I don't think she will live through her full term and lean toward saying she will not last through 2017.

The president-in-waiting Kain is not nearly the neocon that The Hill is so there is a better chance that he will keep us out of a war. I guess The Donald's desire NOT to start a shooting war with Russia is prima facie evidence that he is unfit but that would not apply to Kain because he is not The Donald.
Anonymous said…
kB, I'm placing a copy of this post in my Nov. '17 bring up folder. By then we may know what President Clinton is doing in the Middle East.

" I don't think she will live through her full term and lean toward saying she will not last through 2017."
I will take a women with a physical illness over a man with a mental illness.

James said…
Boonster ... I find your use of perspicacity to be perspicacitic. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
I already miss the boring good old days!!!