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Popular Tastes and the Recent Election

My entire central nervous system, my soul, my personal dignity, everything that seems to define my existence, is under assault right now.  I am having breakfast at a fast food joint, and using the "free" wi-fi. Free, my butt. Look at the price I am paying for it. A loudspeaker (of rather good quality) is blasting trashy popular music at me, as I try to read, write, and think.

Who selects this music?! But I should stop complaining. It could be rap music. Most of it is just lewd female shrieking in rather standard love songs. Gawd, I hate Whitney Houston.

But from a different angle, this torture is beneficial. Sometimes you need to be shocked into confronting unpleasant truths. Consider the recent elections from the perspective of popular music, movies, or whatever.

If this election did not prove 'Democracy: the God that Failed,' then at the very least it shows that universal suffrage is an absurdity. And yet, in the 1800's it was seen as 'progress' that idealists worked for. How could they be so naive as to believe that Rule-of-the-Most is better than Rule-of-the-Best?

Yea I know, how do you agree on who the 'best' is? But is it good to quit trying, and just accept 'no standards' when it is difficult to agree on standards?


I'm in favor of a benevolent dictator as long as I get to pick the dictator and not you.
Baring that, I guess our system works as well as can be expected in such a diverse nation.

But we HAVE a dictator. "The Majority" of the unqualified is the dictator. What makes them holy because there are lots of them?
Anonymous said…
The world has known a ton of very bad leaders. It isn't about "most" or "best". It's about power. Plain and simple. In whatever way one can get it.

Anonymous said…
Even though most of us don't know what you look like, you must have had on dark glasses while in MacDonald's just in case a blogfan wandered in.