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Unusual Camping Neighbor

Durango, CO. The reader might have noticed that I have been on a horse kick lately. A cynic would say that this is just a temporary romantic escapist fantasy by somebody who doesn't know what he is talking about. At any rate, it is time to recall the old saying about, 'be careful what you wish for.'

When my kelpie and I came home the other day we found the area taken over by huge horse trailers and their occupants. Some kind of event/competition was taking place nearby. That was good news. 

What wasn't such great news was that I couldn't really go inside my trailer.

The first thing I thought about was what a horseman told me some time ago: "There is such a thing as horse sense, but it's not necessarily the horse that's got it." That would be a pretty tight fit for me and the dog between the action end of the horse and the door. Since I know nothing of the do's and don'ts around horses, it seemed like a good idea to find the horse's owner first, to find a new parking space for their beast.

That happened pretty quickly, and soon I was able to enjoy the competition. Most of the horse-persons were actually women. And I must say that it's kind of fun to watch women riding horses. (ahem)  I'm referring, of course, to their long hair waving romantically in the wind, along with the horse's tail and mane.


XXXXX said…
It looks like you are camping in a parking lot. My, my.