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America's Snowflake-in-Chief

It has been awhile since the alternative-media made a meme of politically-correct crybabies on college campuses. "Snowflakes" they were called. But things become passé very quickly these days.

I enjoyed the criticism of college crybabies, and would like to see the 'snowflake' meme revived, in a different context.

How about Wall Street? Wall Street and president Trump are acting like snowflakes about the mild steps taken by the Federal Reserve to normalize interest rates. An entire generation of investment professionals has grown up thinking that free interest is normal. Trump apparently thinks that the stock market is a proxy for the state of the "great" economy that America is supposed to have.

And how do fake stock prices matter to the average American?


Anonymous said…

"Snowflake-in-Chief" is much too kind.

"Snowflake" connotes naivete. We're looking at full blown megalomania.

Yankeeflyer said…
Arrrrrgggghhhh, I;m melting,melting!
Ed said…
"And how do fake stock prices matter to the average American?"

They don't but the media narrative wants the masses to think that they matter.

President Trump took ownership of the Dow Index and is being hoist with his own petard. He will suffer a similar hit when the employment numbers begin to move down rather than up. Only a Democrat President evades criticism when economic hard times arrive.
Sondra said…
it's all about them the ones who he owes his crown to...
Anonymous said…
Hey Ed,

I do think stock prices matter to a lot of people but I also think too many people place way too much confidence in the get-rich-quick allure of the stock market and then they are in a tizzy when it inevitably goes down.
Because the stock market is so susceptible to volatility, people who invest are constantly scanning the horizon for any upcoming event likely to bring it down. Hence, the perpetual knee-jerk reactions and resultant chaos. Although it is unwise to invest emotionally in this process, it happens all the time. It's the American Dream, after all. People just can't control get-rich-quick.
I know a lot of old people who have their retirements invested in the market and are going crazy right now. They should instead have their money in CD's or other very conservative but totally safe investments.
You can't fix stupid. Or greed.

Anonymous said…
Ed said, "Only a Democratic President evades criticism when economic hard times arrive." I guess you forgot about Jimmy Carter, Ed.

Anonymous said…
If I may .... there is a large group of folks that care. Frist. There are two types of investments - capital appreciation and income. It is very very rare when one investment is both. All the folk that have a goal of capital appreciation care about the price of the strock. Generally more folks invest with the goal of capital appreciation then income. Just about ALL young folks with investments in a retirement fund should be investing in capital appreciation stocks.