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Demographic Profiling in a Campground

So far, I've posted about the question of whether working with the general public (as a campground host) can affect your political viewpoint. Can it also affect how you feel towards certain "demographic profiles?"

Of course demographic profiling is non-PC. But if people will tell the truth, everybody has to do it when they are in a hurry. It is only unfair when more information comes in but you lazily cling to your original judgement.

For instance today some yahoo was blasting away with a gun, at a target; he was only 200 yards away from the nearest campsite. I went over to investigate. My eyes scanned the row of parked cars. I zeroed in on the one most likely to belong to a Deplorable. I expected to see a "MAGA" bumper sticker on it.

I have been affected by this experience, and in a rather nice way: I have come to appreciate women more. They aren't perfect: they ask too many dumb questions about bears. They expose too much skin in public, and almost as bad, wear lycra body paint (aka, yoga pants).

One pair of college-age girls admitted that they were new to camping. They left a trash bag out on the ground, which was attacked by ravens. Litter was everywhere. Then they got cold that night, and spent half the night sleeping in their car, with its engine idling!

But they follow the rules better than men, especially young men. And they leave nice compliments to the host when the bathrooms are clean. Once a female camper left a 'thank you' card for a little extra goodie I was doing for her party. Little girls leave messages and drawings that show their appreciation.


Ed said…
Tell the rest of the story. Curious people want to know.

Was it the Deplorable that was doing the shooting? Did his car have a MAGA bumper sticker? I'm willing to bet that he had spent cartridge brass scattered all over with no intent of picking any of it up.

Ted said…
When I was hosting there it was almost always the camp robbers (aka grey jays) at fault when campers woke to a mess like that. They're real hooligans... but then, I'm profiling aren't I?