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RV Friends: Be Careful What You Wish For

It always seemed like a personal setback that I had to mountain bike alone. Such was not the case with road cycling. But a person gets better at accepting that 'the way things are, is the way things ARE', the older one gets. 

When I was least expecting it, a mountain biker showed up at my campground and introduced himself as a reader of this blog. We ended up doing quite a bit of mountain biking together during his canonical 14 days.

So that's good news, right? Not so fast...

He left me behind like I was a walker every time the trail got a little rocky or rooty. One explanation is that he had 29" by 3.0" tires. Since we are the same size, it was easy to exchange bikes. I was won over to "big rubber" immediately.

Today I bought a new mountain bike, on sale, with big rubber. In a week I'll run down to the urban hellhole to pick it up at the REI store. 

The moral of this story is 'be careful what you wish for.' It never cost me money to mountain bike with a dog!


Jim and Gayle said…
Everyone we know with a fat tire bike just loves them. Enjoy!
And perhaps you should go back to your hermit ways to save money. Of course I imagine those big bucks you're earning as a camp host were burning a hole in your pocket ;-)
You guessed right!

It helped my decision to reflect on my current 26" X 2.3" tires, and see them as historical accident rather than mechanical engineering.
Jackpineseed said…
My momma always said I was a 'bad influence' on folks! Of course, seeing how you are one of the guys who got me into this crazy, dispersed camping, w/mountain bike life, it somehow seems fitting that the tables have now turned and you are the one spending mucho beaucoup bucks! (I know mucho beaucoup bucks is redundant. I just like the way it sounds:)

Never accept 'The way things are, is the way things ARE'... No...'Change is the only Constant'.

And the real moral of this story is 'always keep an open mind' because you never know when the clouds will part and show 'A Portal to the Light'.

Yeah, and Kabloonie, thanks for a great two weeks filled with fun and comraderie! I'll see 'ya on the trails! And Coffee Girl too!
See you soon at the new place, Jackpineseed!
Unknown said…
Change is the only constant, that is the way things are the way things ARE.