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Testing One's Mettle Over the Fourth of July

Campground hosting over the Fourth of July, in a popular tourist area? It should be the ultimate test of one's moral fiber.

Alas, it was a bit of an anti-climax. The campers are no longer the young hooligans of the past. Perhaps because the campground now has fees, it has acquired an outdoorsy family clientele. On top of that, the area does not cater to motorheads or party-at-the-lake types.

Thus I was disappointed: no test for me. But a woman came to my door halfway through the weekend, with a story she was quite upset about. Apparently she had been meditating by the river, when some loose dogs chased a fawn. She wasn't sure how badly it was injured.

Long-suffering readers of this blog expect me to have rolled my eyes and launched into a standard stump speech. But I sensed the opportunity to make a test out of this. So I took her sincerity and discomfort seriously.

There wasn't anything I could actually do. But it seemed to be accomplishing something to just listen to her and put myself in her shoes, as difficult as that was, for me. In its own way, this was the 'test of my moral fiber' that had been missing.

Today a woman asked where the best place to cross the river was. I told her, and added, "Just stay 20 feet downstream of that spot." She asked, "This way downstream?"

Naturally I gave some boorish male retort, like, "Lady, how many ways downstream do you think a river has?" She wouldn't speak to me after that. Back to my old ways.


  1. I'm glad the old kaBLOOnie is back. You need to get some signs printed that you can hand out after answering questions.

    Do you remember the comic routine of Bill Engvall, which begins with his stating that stupid people should have to wear warning signs that simply state "I'm stupid"? He would then go on to tell several anecdotes in which someone asks an asinine question, and the question is then answered sarcastically, followed by the statement: "Here's your sign!"

  2. I always enjoy your self-reflections, KB. You really made me chuckle with this post, not AT you, but just thinking about the folly of our natures. It can be a great surprise even to oneself to see which "I" speaks next.


    1. Ed and George, glad you picked up the "eyes rolling" in this post


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