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Making Peace With Quartzsite

A big part of an independent lifestyle is being able to appreciate things. Now and then I see a sudden jump-up in my appreciation of something -- many times a location. The more general question is what is holding me back? But let's consider a tangible example.

I have always found Quartzsite AZ difficult to appreciate. Most of the junk for sale isn't such a great bargain. Besides, what is so great about a clutter of miscellanea and detritus?

On the other hand, it has been easy to appreciate the fine winter weather: cool dry air with no insects. Quartzsite is not too crowded in December. Library privileges are offered to visitors.

This year I have made better use of the plexus of ATV trails that one of the camping areas has. Mornings are cool, so the motorhead crowd waits until afternoon. (And even then, it still ain't bad.) That makes these trails excellent in the mornings for mountain biking with my dog. 

I don't know why I overlooked this advantage, in the past. Perhaps the highway noise bothered me. Noise from an interstate highway is rather steady after all, so I could have tried harder to think of it as white noise. Besides, it drowns out the neighbor's generator.

With wider tires, a mountain biker can adapt to the rocky trails. And you would never have to worry about mud! I pedal along, fantasizing about bigger and wider tires. Ah well, that's OK. Delayed gratification is fun. 

(People who still have 26" wheels are starting to feel like losers. Even better than a standard 29" wheel, would be a 29er bike with the wider "Boost" hubs. These bikes accept a 27.5" X 2.8" wide tire, as well as a standard width 29" tire. They also eliminate the front derailleur by using 1 X 11 gearing.


Epilogue: I take it all back! Quartzsite lost its veterinarian. Now it's a long drive to Havasu or Yuma. A grand total of one in Blythe. Imagine the problems with getting in to see a vet in January when the dashboard dog population spikes!


Ed said…
You don't have rub it in about the weather.

You remember the movie, or maybe the book book by Cornelius Ryan, "A Bridge Too Far"? My story would have the title "Stayed A Week Too Long". If I had only known I would have been out of here a week ago. Oh well, I'm headed for some of that 'cool dry air' tomorrow
You could always leave when you want. You just have to take a small financial hit.
Ed said…
Is Coffee Girl sickly or are you just checking out what the Q offers and does not offer? In January you would have to go to Havasu, Yuma or Phoenix for sure.
I think she got a couple cactus spines stuck in her sides when she was sleeping outside.
Jackpineseed said…
It's an 'Attitude of Gratitude' and one of 'Appreciating Life'. Cultivating the idea of love within, so you see it and find it without, in the people and places you go. That's where it's at for me, anyway. Sure has payed off in the most incredible year of my life.

Now to bikes. No one should ever feel, or be made to feel, like a loser riding any bike! Anybody who throws a leg over any bike is a winner in my book. The benefits that accrue to the individual and the society are 'Huge'. You know all that. You don't know this though, cause I never told you, YOU are the reason I started mountain biking. Following your journey over the last seven years and understanding how important it was to you made me want to do it too. So here's a big 'ol virtual hug, until the time I can give you one for real! :D

Yeah, the 'boost' hub bikes are the way to go. Two sets of wheels are sweet. Swap 'em out as needed. We just got our first snow here in PA. so I popped off the 29 plus wheels on the Mukluk for the 26x4's. A 'Ton of Fun'! See 26" isn't obsolete!

Well, I've rambled enough, (and God knows how many writing errors I've committed, hehehe),but I'm gonna leave you with this. You ain't gettin any younger 'ya know and as frugal that you've been over the years, maybe it is time for that new bike! 'Live it Up!'
Well my goodness, JackPineSeed, that was quite a comment, and I thank you for it. I didn't know that this blog had a beneficial effect on anyone. I had thought that the only thing I was accomplishing was offending and annoying people!