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American Civilization Finally Bottoms Out

There is something to be said for hitting rock bottom. You've survived the worst the world can give you. It's all 'up' from now on, you could say.

The other day I was at the library of a small town in New Mexico. On the way to the men's restroom, I saw a funny sign on the "women's" restroom. It was just a simple black-and-white line drawing of... what the heck is this? It was an explanatory diagram that clarified what female anatomy looked like. I hadn't known that there was any confusion about this. But then I remembered the President's transgender diktat was making the news.

I went away thinking, 'Has it really come to this?'

Recently I went to the men's restroom at a Walmart. I'm sure you've noticed how gigantic stores will sometimes only have a single stall, which is big enough to handle all the motorized wheelchairs that 1/3 of the customers require.

I was in a bit of a hurry, so Murphy's Law required that the stall be already occupied. Actually I've learned not to push on the door if I suspect it is occupied: it is surprising how many people are too lazy to lock the door. And it is embarrassing when this happens.

Instead, I looked through the crack to see if it was already occupied. It was. Some jackass was in there dicking around with his smartphone. It never occurred to him that there might be another customer, in need.

What was he looking at? Checking the weather forecast for the 35th time that day? Playing "Angry Birds?"

I should have muttered something under my breath, but I didn't.

Anyway, let's hope this is absolute bottom.


"let's hope this is absolute bottom"
Sorry chief but from what I have seen, it is not even close.
Ted said…
I don't know, it seems the same behavior as people reading newspapers in the can. I can recall the sound of rustling pages in the stalls of public restrooms.
But in those days there was more than one stall in a Walmart.
Ted said…
Yeah, what's up with that? The new restroom/shower facility in the electric loop at Oasis State Park only has one toilet in the men's room, too. A huge ADA one. Is this the trend?
Sigh, probably not. But they are the most ridiculous things I have seen the last 6 months.