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Trump, Denali, and Ohio

Donald Trump is following in the recent tradition of GOP presidents and candidates. Indeed, he has already proven that he is the most qualified candidate: he thinks that re-naming a mountain in Alaska with its traditional Indian name is an insult to Ohio, despite the fact that 'Ohio' itself is derived from the Iroquois word for 'great river'. 

Perhaps we should rename the state of Ohio after a congressman from Connecticut.

The anti-intellectualism -- or rather, non-intellectualism -- of the modern GOP can be a source of merriment, but actually it is a serious issue for a later post.


Ed said…
This naming game is all political and that is the game that Trump is playing. I don't think The Donald could give a fig what the mountain is called but Ohio is an important vote state and it also gives him an opportunity to poke President Obama in the eye.

The name changing reminds me of my time in Bulgaria. When Bulgaria became a Soviet Union satellite a lot of the city street names were changed to the names of Russian/Soviet 'heroes". Then upon the fall of the Iron Curtain many of those street names were changed back to someone/something Bulgarian.

Under Communist rule maps were state secrets which ordinary citizens, for the most part, were not allowed to have. Therefore, a lot of maps were prepared with the new names after the Soviet Union collapse but not a lot of the street signs were changed from their former Soviet names. Trying to travel around Bulgaria using a map and or asking directions was an 'experience'.
Yes of course, Trump was trying to pander to the electorally-rich, battleground state of Ohio. But wait... I thought he was supposed to be a step above 'politics as usual'?

How quickly the noble aura of the "outsider", the political virgin, is despoiled by the whorishness of politics.

Seriously, the notion of looking to the outsider as a messiah is pure escapism. It can last only as long as the outsider remains vague on most issues. It isn't healthy or adult for the electorate to run to escapism for salvation.
A tempest in a teapot. Certainly easier then responsibly governing America.
Well sure, it's just about symbolism. But symbolism can be somewhat important.
John V said…
So now you're saying the name change does have some importance?
In terms of political marketing, the name change means something. A couple days ago, Trump kicked the Univision reporter out of the room for not following the rules of a press conference. This was supposed to symbolize his earnestness about kicking out illegal immigrants.

The Denali thing was supposed to symbolize his unwillingness to kow-tow to PC pressure: the Denali name was 'sacred to the Native Americans...'
John V said…
You're right. Everyone who wants to be elected to something is a politician. That means everything they do/say is about politics. It's just that some of them have been in the business longer than others! To anyone in politics, it's not so much about anti-intellectualism as it is about winning.
During the GOP primary season, the politician must be anti-intellectual enough to appeal to jingo-istic, flag-waving, Bahbll Christians, who have a grade-schooler's grasp of American mythology and Exceptionalism.
XXXXX said…
The masses are asses and the real challenge is making sure you're not part of it. I don't mean anything personal here just that there is nothing you or I or anyone else can do about the masses being asses.
There IS something we can do, although it sounds nihilistic: we can be entertained by them.
Anonymous said…
Is "Bahbll" a typo or is that a new kind of Christian about whom I can find nothing through a search? I need to know. I may want to join.

Anonymous said…
I'm loving every minute!

Hard to look up "bahbll"? Aintcha got no dikshunerry or ever herd of Wikipedia?
Anonymous said…
Ah so! I didn't catch you'd drifted into hillbilly lingo.