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Syria and Iran Should Be Very Nervous

The Republican party won a major victory last night. Big deal! They won't accomplish anything the next two years. 
  • Will they roll back the amerikan police state by repealing the so-called Patriot Act?
  • Discuss whether the USA should withdraw from NATO, now that it serves no defensive purpose?
  • Will they make it legal for amerikans to import pharmaceutical drugs, at lower price of course?
  • Do anything to slow rampant inflation in health care and college costs?
  • How about cleaning up the corruption in the banking and financial sector?
  • Will they limit the fanatical Keynesian bubble-brewing of the Federal Reserve?
  • Can they help young people look forward to good jobs or anything brighter than college debt and paying for trillions of dollars of Medicare expenses for aging Baby Boomers?
Of course not. The only thing the Republican party cares about is military spending and finding new wars in the Mideast: new places to kill Muslims or anybody who doesn't like Israel, where 1/3 of the Republican party expects to be Raptured in a couple years.

Obama has become a lame duck. There is only one way for him to regain political stature: he must enlarge the war in Syria and perhaps take on Iran. The Republicans will join him, rather than fight him. But the main reason he will do this is that whenever a president is checked by an opposition Congress, the only thing he can do to be the uncontested, mighty ruler of the Exceptional People is to wage war.


John V said…
I would say both parties have become more hawkish over the years. Even Hillary Clinton is a virtual neo-con. I think President Obama has broken just about every promise he made to us in 2008. The one exception may be his promise to limit US military expansion worldwide. He seems willing to keep that despite the political ramifications.

The reality is that we are a one party system. Draw a venn diagram of republican and democrat doners and the overlap will be huge. The only differences may be that democrats get the unions and republicans get the oil companies. Both parties share equally in monies from Wall Street, defense companies,indusstrials, and the healthcare sector. When you say the only thing the republicans care about is finding new wars or the only thing democrats care about is expanding government, both statements are only slightly true. The only thing both parties truely believe in is staying in power and keeping their lucrative gravey trains rolling.
John V said…
I also forgot to mention. Those are some good items for a political platform. KaBloonie for President! Now all we need is a good name for the third party.
Chris said…
Keep it simple. The Boondocker Party.
Yes, about Ms. Clinton. Perhaps she and John McCain should be on the same ticket.

Already the war plans are ramping up. This past election will prove to be a disaster for amerika.