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"Boonie" Era is Over; Introducing kaBLOOnie

There is too much personal chit-chat on the internet. It is trivial, banal, and unintelligent. What I have tried to do with this blog is focus on ideas, principles, and issues. Leave the personality trivia to TV talk shows and Facebook.

Thus I didn't even use a name at the beginning of blogging. 

My first day blogging: a mighty wind of hot air was about to hit the internet.

Why should I? The blog wasn't about me, per se. But commenters needed to begin with something other than, "Hey you," or maybe, "You jerk..."

So dear old Granny J started calling me "Boonie." I sort of liked it, and took it up, despite it not being a perfect name for me. Most of what people call RV boondocking does not even appeal to me. What does appeal is dispersed area camping on public lands. Technically, the Quartzsite mob-fest and Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) camping are examples of dispersed camping, but these two don't appeal to me either. I simply do not want to hear a camping neighbor. 

Also, newbies probably come to this blog expecting how-to advice, down to the tiniest detail, on "boondocking." There are several excellent websites where they can go for that.

Now that I've finished my two-month-long project of converting a cargo trailer to a livable travel trailer, it is time to start anew, not just with camping, but with my internet persona, as well. So I am adopting the nickname kaBLOOnie, with the accented syllable in upper case. It is an allusion to the book, "Kabloona, The White Man", a book by a French anthropologist who spent a couple years with the eskimaux during World War II. You see, this white man (me) built his mobile white igloo in Farmington NM, surrounded by the Navajo reservation. In fact they were sleeping in cars next to me as I built this trailer in the storage area of an RV park. The name, kaBLOOnie, also sounds a bit like "boonie" in order to help people make the transition.

At least this helps to honor the occasion and to make me feel like I am starting over again.


edlfrey said…

Thank you for the etymology of your new blogger name. I'm going to have some trouble with it in the near term but I'm sure that I can adapt. My biggest problem is going to be avoiding Kablooie as your name but for some posting that may fit. Carry on.
Don't carry it as far as Prince did with the name changes however or you will become the RVer "Formerly Known as Boonie".
John V said…
I'm just going to contunue calling you Beelzebub.
Wayne (Wirs) said…
How about kaLOONIE, emphasis on the looney. :)
Welcome to the world kaBLOOnie

Will we be celebrating your new birthday every year on this date ? Maybe we should all change our dating system to kaBLOOnie 1-1-1
Geesh, internet comedians.
I can't wait for your metamorphosis…but you will always be Boonie to me.
Box Canyon Mark
Unknown said…