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A Seasonal Travel Style "Perfected"

Every traveler is prone to romanticism. Thus it is hard to admit that I have "arrived" as a full-time traveler, that is, reached a final "destination." I don't mean geographic location; I mean lifestyle arrangement. Nine months of travel -- emphasizing dispersed camping and mountain biking -- is complemented beautifully by three months of gravel-lot rental in Yuma. 

There are other types of complementarity: when traveling, I am alone, which is not the best lifestyle. During the winter sabbatical from travel, I get to enjoy my (road) cycling with as many as fifty friendly acquaintances. I also get to switch from mountain biking to road cycling -- these are really rather distinct, although you might not think so, if cycling isn't your thing.

After three months of non-traveling, the appetite comes back. This is both a positive attraction to travel and a repulsion from the downside of living in a boring suburb outside Yuma, the traffic, the train noise, etc.

It is not that you can't have a good time traveling in winter in the Southwest, but if you are ever going to take a break from traveling, winter is the time to do it. North America shrinks drastically in winter, so you are not giving up as much as you would to abstain from travel during the other seasons. Actually I think North America is largest during the shoulder seasons.

I am looking forward to reading history books and giving (classic) book reviews, while giving my blog a rest from travel topics.


Teri said…
I've been in one place for awhile and am ready to travel. Traveling in the summer and staying in one place in the winter is a good idea, but I have a few years of workamping yet so my schedule is the opposite. I travel solo, so I understand the need to meet up with a group occasionally. Looking forward to some book reviews.
Yes, but winter RV traveling saves a money via lower fuel use.. an important upside for the pension-less wanderer's out there.

Before you retire the blog to classic book reviews please put into words a post that throughly explores the benefits of once per season (at least) like-minded rv group meet ups...the possible "wheres" and "to dos" and a general "mission statement." And end it with an invitation to the inaugural gathering and sign up sheet. Then I will copy/paste it on my blog. And come up with a good name, while you are at it :))
Box Canyon Mark
Box Canyon Mark
John V said…
Yikes! And then before you know it you'll want to elect a board of directors, establish permanent working committees, start charging dues, and file for a non profit tax status. :-)
Jim and Gayle said…
Well, now you're not making Yuma sound so good. And after talking us into buying mountain bikes, we won't be doing any road riding if we go there;-)
But we'll definitely plan to be at the inaugural gathering!
Jim and Gayle said…
According to George on the Seinfeld show shrinkage in cold water is normal. However, I wasn't aware that the entire country shrunk from cold. I learn something everyday. By the way, don't let Mark know I am kidding around.


P. S. John V you made me laugh, thanks.